about the physics of hyperfine interactions and the conceptual understanding of experimental methods that are based thereupon

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What is this course all about?

In condensed-matter physics, materials chemistry and biology, there is a family of experimental methods that relies on particular properties of the nucleus in order to extract information from atoms, molecules or solids. If you want to apply such methods yourself, or if you want to understand better research papers in your favourite field that report about the use of these methods, then you might find this course helpful.

What will this course cover?

The first half of the course focusses on the physics of hyperfine interactions. Having grasped that, you will examine in the second half of the course a series of experimental methods that rely on hyperfine interactions. This course is in the first place a conceptual one: emphasis is on acquiring clear mental pictures about the concepts and their relations. Some mathematical discussions are part of the story, but they do not play the lead role.

Upcoming cohorts

spring 2017

15/02 to 20/05/2017
On-line course with live-streamed class sessions. On-campus students may participate in the class sessions at: Tech Lane Ghent Science Park - Campus A Zwijnaarde (Belgium) building 903, "behind the library" (1st floor)

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